Elixir Vitae

Inspired by a beautiful green gem.

Each human being on the face of the Earth is in a constant state of healing, but the form and focus of that healing shifts as we journey along the route of life. Physical, emotional, spiritual. Healing solutions to free a troubled mind. We search for oils to help us dream, salves to ease our hearts, sweet, delicious treats to warm the inner turmoils of our spirit. And in the distance, guiding us through, is a green gem of immortality, glistening with impurities. The source of prolonged vitality.

Elixir Vitae.


A different kind of CBD brand.

We saw the need for a premium CBD product line that not only offers physical and wellness benefits, but also carefully helps to ease the tension of a wounded heart; a fractured soul.

Our products are full spectrum, whole plant, non-GMO and pesticide-free. We only work with growers who employ organic farming methods and we run lab tests to ensure potency.

But what makes Jade a different kind of CBD brand is the emphasis that we place on product formulation for physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.